Monday, April 29, 2013

Adult Swim Fun House

ADULT 0329

If someone offered you FREE BEER AND TACOS and a FREE T-SHIRT if you stood in line for an hour and then made your way through this crazy and creepy INFLATABLE FUN HOUSE, you would do it, right? That's exactly what the fine folks at ADULT SWIM did when they brought their ADULT SWIM FUN HOUSE here to Athens, GA, last weekend (on 4-20, of course) and parked it at the end of Washington Street, right in front of the 40 Watt club. A couple of years ago, they premiered their ADULT SWIM BLOCK PARTY in Athens and this year they came back to test run the fun house that they would be taking to the SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON this July...

ADULT 0327

The fun house was set to open at noon - by the time we got downtown, it was almost 1PM and they still had not let anyone through. The line stretched down the street and as everybody waited in line, workers wearing dark MONK ROBES passed out hold harmless forms for everyone to fill out. We took a quick walk around the INFLATABLE CASTLE and then decided to come back later that afternoon after running some errands...

ADULT 0330

ADULT 0331

ADULT 0332

ADULT 0340

ADULT 0337

When we returned later in the day, the line was still long, but the mood was much more festive with the free beer and taco party going full-steam. We got in line and slowly made our way towards the fun house...

ADULT 0341

ADULT 0347

ADULT 0350

ADULT 0353

ADULT 0355

ADULT 0356

ADULT 0359

The first room we went into had these ALIEN-LIKE OCTOPI all over the walls...they were Alien-inspired versions of the SQUIDBILLIES, one of the animated shows on Adult Swim. I foolishly shoved my hand into the mouth of one of the monsters and found out, to my chagrin, that it was filled with SLIME...

ADULT 0364

ADULT 0361

In another room, we came across a mysterious person in a monks robe, sitting in a living room, watching an ADULT BABY SLEEPING IN A CRIB on television. Turns out that you could actually crawl INTO THE TELEVISION if you wanted to...we opted not to, and decided to exit through the kitchen instead...

ADULT 0365

ADULT 0368

ADULT 0367

ADULT 0370

ADULT 0374

ADULT 0376

ADULT 0371

We found the TICKET ROOM, which was encased in clear plexiglass. In the middle of the ticket room was this machine that blew all these tiny tickets around the inside of this box. You were supposed to stick your hand in the box and try to catch as many tickets as you can. Each ticket could be traded for either a FREE BEER or a FREE TACO. Lucky for us, Missy has small hands - she was able to stick her whole hand in the box and grab a whole mess of tickets. At the end of the night, we had way more tickets than we needed so Missy started to give them out to strangers, like she was some sort of magical TICKET FAIRY...

ADULT 0382

ADULT 0380

In a hellish red-lit room sat a CREEPY SANTA CLAUS with a hooded figure sitting by his side. He invited people to come sit on his lap. Another room had a flashing black light in it that cause the patterns on the walls to move like pixels in a video game...

ADULT 0386

ADULT 0390

ADULT 0392

We ran into one of the CHILDRENS HOSPITAL CLOWNS (correction: DR. ROCKZO from METALACOLYPSE) who was escorting people through this exit that forced you to crawl out from between these two HUGE INFLATABLE LEGS and then on to a GURNEY, as if you were just newly born. Having already crawled through a GIANT VAGINA several weeks ago at the BULLDOG INN ART SHOW, we decided to turn back and try a different exit:

ADULT 0395

We found the exit that had the GIANT INFLATABLE SLIDE, but first we had to make it through a gauntlet of WACKY WAVING INFLATABLE ARM FLAILING TUBE MEN before climbing a rope to the top of the slide...

ADULT 0398

ADULT 0399

ADULT 0400

ADULT 0401

ADULT 0402

The exit between the legs - if you exited this way, you got a BIRTH CERTIFICATE to commemorate the occasion:

ADULT 0405

Another exit forced you into a CAGE where you were forced to sing Karaoke before they would let you out:

ADULT 0408

After we made it through the fun house, we queued up in three more lines - one for the free t-shirts, one for the free beer (we didn't drink, but traded our tickets for souvenir plastic cups and coasters), and one for free tacos, which were kindly provided by the YUMBII truck, one of our favorite food trucks from Atlanta. All in all, it was a truly awesome night. Adult Swim is doing a great job promoting their brand of entertainment, and we can't wait for the next time they roll into Athens to test out one of their crazy ideas...cheers to them!

ADULT 0406

ADULT 0407

ADULT 0409

ADULT 0412


perc2100 said...

Nice write-up. I'll be at Comic-Con in July and hopefully will be able to partake in the adult swim craziness then.
Just and FYI, the clown is not from Children's Hospital. It's Dr. Rockzo from the show Metalocalypse


Thanks for the clarification, perc2100! We just assumed he was from Chrildren's Hospital because of the clown make-up. Our bad!