Sunday, April 14, 2013

Art Crawling

ART 0183

These past couple of months have been great for seeing and experiencing art. Seems like every weekend there has been new exhibits opening and art events happening. Not wanting to leave any loose ends, I'm just now getting around to posting about a couple of events that happened about three weeks ago here in Athens. We headed over to ATHICA (ATHENS INSTITUTE FOR CONTEMPORARY ART) to catch the opening of their new exhibit called "WORKED", a show based around the themes of working and labor. We got to the opening reception late, after most every one left...which turned out to be okay, because we were able to experience/play with the art without any hinderance. One of our favorite pieces at the exhibit were these deceptively clever CINDER BLOCKS made of a soft FOAM....

ART 0184

ART 0219

This was a "PIG ORGAN" - the way it is supposed to work is that you load little pigs into the different sections on the organ and then you poke them with these built-in prods to make them squeal:

ART 0181

ART 0185

An industrial landscape on a QUILT:

ART 0190


ART 0188

ART 0212

ART 0213

ART 0214

ART 0216

ART 0218


ART 0205

ART 0207

A detailed shot of the minimalist and mesmerizing LINE DRAWINGS of Leslie Snipes (I am a big fan of her art and actually own a couple originals by her):

ART 0209

The most amazing piece in the show was this TOILE WALLPAPER and UPHOLSTERY. From a distance, it looks like your average chinoiserie-style pattern, but when you look closer, you'll notice all these little details...

ART 0191

ART 0192

ART 0193

ART 0195

ART 0196

ART 0197

ART 0199

ART 0203

ART 0204

Before we ended up at ATHICA, we were at the ECO ART LAB checking out the opening of their "CLIMATE CHANGE - CONVEYING REALITIES" exhibit...

ART 0171

Our friend Katy made this KNITTED PIECE for the show. Jean and Missy couldn't help but admire it:

ART 0145

ART 0152

ART 0148

ART 0151

ART 0180

ART 0154

ART 0153

There was this large piece hanging from the ceiling that looked a bit like a lace blanket - it was actually made with many PLASTIC BAGS being tied, knotted, and woven together...

ART 0155

ART 0177

ART 0162

Missy, Havi, and Lizzie discuss the work that Havi and the Hillsman Middle School Science & Energy Team drew directly onto the walls of the Eco Art Lab. The piece is called "THE ECO CATS DISCUSS CLIMATE CHANGE":

ART 0166

ART 0168

ART 0164

ART 0165

In another room, THE HUNGRY GNOME turned some shipping boxes into a RAISED GARDEN BED and a container for COMPOST:

ART 0156

ART 0157

ART 0159

ART 0161

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