Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tunesday Tuesday - Grand Buffet

Tunesday Tuesday - Grand Buffet
The last show of last year was a great one! We got to see my very good friends Grand Buffet perform at the 40 Watt. They were on tour supporting Dan Deacon. Grand Buffet were top notch that night, and I am pretty sure they won over the people that were there for Dan Deacon.

Grand Buffet 0039

Grand Buffet 0017

Grand Buffet 0034
Grand Buffet were so funny on stage, asking everyone if they had a VHS copy of the Jerky Boys, and if they liked Subway or Jimmy John's. It's a toss up, really.

Grand Buffet 0031
They were super energetic, funny, and and so good. This is one of the best times I have seen GB perform, and it was really good to see them again. They are from my home town of Pittsburgh, so it made me feel really at home to see Jarrod and Jackson again!

Grand Buffet 0025

Grand Buffet 0023

Grand Buffet 0021
Yay! Go see Grand Buffet, they are not to be missed!

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