Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Groundhog Day!

G-HOG 0099

We were back at BEAR HOLLOW this morning to see our local weather-predicting groundhog, GUS THE GROUNDHOG, tell us whether or not we would have an early spring. People gathered around Gus's cage, hoping to catch a glimpse of the groundhog, but alas, he was a bit too shy. Reaching into his little wooden house, the park ranger pulled out a little scroll that Gus wrote his prediction on and one lucky family was chosen to read his prognostication...

G-HOG 0028

G-HOG 0031

G-HOG 0032

G-HOG 0034

G-HOG 0036

G-HOG 0039

G-HOG 0044

G-HOG 0090

Afterwards, we met this little friendly DUCK who was walking around Bear Hollow greeting everyone. According to the zoo volunteers, they found the duck in the park pond being picked on by the other ducks. They soon discovered that the duck's wings weren't fully developed. They theorized that the duck was probably a house pet that was released into the park when the owners no longer wanted to care for it. It never grew proper wings probably because it was raised on nothing but "human food" (bread, bread crumbs, etc.) and didn't get the proper nutrients it would have in the wild. Another reason they thought the duck was domesticated was because of it's friendly disposition and comfort around people. He didn't mind being carried or petted and he seemed to love the attention. When he met Missy he pecked at her hand and kept sticking his head up her sleeve! The volunteers explained that he was trying to GROOM her...

G-HOG 0045

G-HOG 0046

G-HOG 0047

G-HOG 0051

G-HOG 0052

G-HOG 0053

G-HOG 0054

G-HOG 0055

Afterwards, we ducked into the REPTILE HALL. Missy got to pet a RAT as soon as we came in. I wondered if the rat was actually a resident of the zoo or if it was FOOD for one of the few snakes they had in captivity...

G-HOG 0083

G-HOG 0057

G-HOG 0058

G-HOG 0059

G-HOG 0060

G-HOG 0075

G-HOG 0077

G-HOG 0062

G-HOG 0061

G-HOG 0065

G-HOG 0067

G-HOG 0068

G-HOG 0078

G-HOG 0070

G-HOG 0071

G-HOG 0082

G-HOG 0079

G-HOG 0080

Back outside, we saw this women with a BARN OWL. He had a very interesting face...

G-HOG 0084

G-HOG 0086

G-HOG 0088

Surprisingly, the BEARS were out and about on this brisk morning...

G-HOG 0091

G-HOG 0093

G-HOG 0094

While we were at the zoo, we ended up "ADOPTING" one of the BEAVERS, donating money towards their care and a new habitat that will be built for them. In lieu of a real beaver to take home, they gave us a surrogate PLUSH BEAVER as a thank you. We figured that it was the least we could do...the Bear Hollow Zoo at Memorial Park is FREE to the public, which is amazingly lucky for us here in Athens. Also, the zoo only houses animals that have been injured or abandoned, so they are doing good work...

G-HOG 0097

G-HOG 0098


Michelle Cornelison said...

This is awesome! I've never been there; I'd love to go...

Missy said...

Hi Michelle! Let us know when you are coming to Athens and we can go to Bear Hollow! We love it there. We want to see you soon, too!