Sunday, February 3, 2013

EYE-C: Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum Pt.1

MICRO 9544

MICRO 9545

MICRO 9547

For the past couple of years, Missy and I talked about starting our own personal two-person FIELD TRIP CLUB called the "EYE-C", an acronym that stands for "EXPLORE YOUR ENVIRONMENT CLUB" (see what I did there? Clever, right?). The mission of the club would be to visit and explore tourist traps, historical sites, museums, etc. in and around the place where we live...which is something that we like to do naturally anyways. By making it "official", we figured it would force us to do this more regularly rather than sporadically. In our minds, we thought we would compile a list of never-before seen (by us) places and things we would like to visit and explore and then slowly but surely, cross those them off our list, always adding to the list when whenever we discovered something of interest...

We decided that we would make the BRUCE WEINER MICROCAR MUSEUM at the DUBBLE BUBBLE ACRES in Madison, Georgia our first "official" EYE-C post (though really, last year's ATHENS' MUSIC HISTORY TOUR was our first EYE-C foray, but I digress). As of last week, the "World's Largest Collection of the World's Smallest Cars" no longer exists. In a couple of weeks, the entire collection is being auctioned off piece by piece. Our friend Gary hepped us to the fact that the museum would be closing for good, so a couple of weeks ago, we thought we better go check it out. When we got there, the lot was all parked up and we had to park off the busy main road near the BMW ISETTA ON A POLE, which marked the driveway leading to the museum...

MICRO 9886

MICRO 9554

MICRO 9553

Missy holding up my little MICROMACHINES BMW Isetta for comparison:

MICRO 9552

We saw this menacing HEARSE parked outside...we actually saw a bunch of hearses in and around Madison. Apparently, there was a whole hearse car rally of some sort and many of them made the pilgrimage to the microcar museum to "pay their respects":

MICRO 9549

MICRO 9880

Once inside, we were immediately struck by how immense and varied the collection was. We didn't even know where to begin...

MICRO 9558

MICRO 9557

MICRO 9562

MICRO 9563

MICRO 9570

MICRO 9564

MICRO 9568

MICRO 9699

MICRO 9569

MICRO 9571

MICRO 9572

MICRO 9573

I really liked this British microcar called a FRISKY:

MICRO 9575

MICRO 9576

MICRO 9582

MICRO 9584

MICRO 9580

MICRO 9587

MICRO 9588

MICRO 9593

MICRO 9590

MICRO 9596

MICRO 9594

In the back of the museum is a room filled with all kinds of DUBBLE BUBBLE and vintage candy ephemera and memorabilia. Unfortunately, the room was roped off to the public, but people could lean in over the velvet ropes and take photos. Bruce Weiner made his fortune off of Dubble Bubble gum and other candies that his company used to make before he sold it to Tootsie Roll in the early 2000s...

MICRO 9597

MICRO 9604

MICRO 9603

MICRO 9607

MICRO 9606

MICRO 9601

MICRO 9610

MICRO 9614

MICRO 9619

MICRO 9613

MICRO 9618

MICRO 9617

MICRO 9611

MICRO 9612

MICRO 9620

MICRO 9623

MICRO 9616

MICRO 9625

MICRO 9627

MICRO 9624

I wish FIAT would totally re-make this car...I would so totally buy one if they did:

MICRO 9628

MICRO 9631

MICRO 9629

MICRO 9630

MICRO 9634

MICRO 9637

MICRO 9635

Sprinkled about the museum were all these VINTAGE VENDING MACHINES. We really liked this one for EL BUBBLE brand CANDY CIGARS:

MICRO 9643

MICRO 9638

MICRO 9639

MICRO 9640

MICRO 9642

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