Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sketchbook Sunday - Wedding Illustrations

evie banner
Last autumn Evie emailed me asking for artwork for her wedding. She wanted it in my mori girl style, and I had so much fun making these illustrations to celebrate her wedding. These drawings are based on the photos that Evie sent to me.

evie ukelele
I made these illustrations in ink and then cleaned it up and colorized it using Photoshop. I think the colors look so nice, and I really like how her dress looks, too.

evie thank you
Here is the artwork for her thank yous. I really like how her dress pattern came out, and his plaid shirt!

Wedding illustration for Evie and Edward in Singapore.
Here are some of the ink drawings that I made, some are not ones that got chosen in the end. I like how they look, though, and it is neat to see the drawings without the colors that the final illustrations have.

Wedding illustrations for a wedding commission. Making them in mori girl style. #mori #morigirl

Making wedding drawings for a commission.
I really like drawing in my mori girl style. I am so happy with how these drawings turned out!

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