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Tunesday Tuesday - the Monkees

Tunesday Tuesday - the Monkees
Okay, so by now we have all heard the terribly sad news about Davy Jones death last week. I am sad over this, as I am a huge fan of the Monkees. Now I know I am a little too young to be from the Monkees generation, but I did catch them on Nickelodeon on re-runs in the 1980's, but in the late 1990's I was having a Monkees revival of my own. I became obsessed. Each time I went shopping at Jerry's I would buy any and all Monkees albums I saw. I have a pretty good collection, and I even have an early pressing with the misspelling of "Papa Gene's Blues" as "Papa Jean's Blues."

Cardboard Monkees record.
Pen pals mailed me Monkees memorabilia, like cereal box records, flash rings, patches, records, and even autographs, to name a few.

Monkees belt buckle.

Monkees lunchbox.
I have seen the Monkees in approximately 2000 and 2001 or so. I saw them on their reunion tours, that is the reunion with Davy, Mickey, Peter, but not Mike. The first time I went to see them was in Columbus, Ohio with my friend Nathan. Nathan and I had a great time, but our seats were set far back in the theatre. During the intermission (yes, the Monkees had an intermission!) we snuck into a balcony seat that was much better than our row on the floor! It was a great show! We had a blast. I was in Monkees-awe. We were two of the youngest people there, not counting the parents who brought their children!

My Monkees thermos.
That following summer I saw them perform two more times. Only this time it was at two outdoor county fairs. It was enjoyable, but not as nice as being seated in a balcony!

Framed photo of the Monkees.
My friend Jordan gave me this framed photograph of the Monkees. This is when I was at the height of my Monkees fan-dom, though I am still an avid fan of the Monkees. Jordan gave this to me for Christmas - I bet cos he knew I had so many of the records already.

Monkees tin.

My Monkees flash ring.

My Monkees ring!
Someone mailed me this flash ring after reading in my zine that I was a fan of the Monkees. I love this ring! It is one of my favorite Monkees items that I have.

With a heavy heart we remember Davy Jones.

Me and my Monkees Monthly fanzines.
I have very many (even doubles) of some Monkees Monthly fanzines. They are so good with great photographs, poems, and even a pen pals section! I love the drawings inside, too.

David Jones LP.
And this is one of my favorite LPs from my collection. I love that Rose-Mary wrote on her album cover! I would never think to do something like this, but it is a nice idea that she made Davy Jones saying he loved her back. It is a strange thing when a celebrity passes away - I did not know Davy Jones, but I feel so connected to this music of an era I was not even a part of, but the Monkees made being in a band seem so magical and fun. I wanted to live in their tv show! It made things seem possible - anything goes! And I love their JC Penney's clothes! Anyway, I thought this NPR story was really sweet.

Here are some of my favorite Monkees songs.

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