Monday, March 26, 2012

Snuggle Bunny Monday

Jumbles and Nilla! Nilla kissed Jumbles tonight!
Look! Nilla is hanging out with Jumbles! Nilla visits the bun's home quite often. She loves Oreo and Jumbles. The rabbits are not afraid of Nilla at all. They are curious and come to say hello to her. All Nilla wants to do is eat their salad and drink from their ceramic water dish, also known as "bun water." Nilla loves bun water! It must taste better than the water in her very own dish! This week Nilla "kissed" Jumbles and gave him a few licks near his ears. I was thrilled she "kissed" him, but Raoul was convinced she was "tasting" him. We can't be sure...

Very nice Oreo.
Oreo and Jumbles played so much in the patio, that they get so super tired. Oreo is relaxing by her Woodland Getaway.

Taking a rest in his tent.

Bunny tail

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