Sunday, March 11, 2012

KAWS Co-Motion

HIGH 806739361

HIGH 3628

Missy and I, and our friend Gary, finally went to check out the KAWS exhibit at THE HIGH MUSEUM in Atlanta, late in the afternoon yesterday. We were happy to have just enough time to enjoy the day-glo pieces he had on display, many of them using SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS as sort of central motif...

HIGH 3629

HIGH 3645

HIGH 3646

HIGH 3630

HIGH 3633

HIGH 3634

HIGH 3635

HIGH 3636

HIGH 3637

HIGH 3638

HIGH 3639

HIGH 3641

HIGH 3640

HIGH 3643

HIGH 3644

HIGH 3642

HIGH 3657

HIGH 3659

HIGH 3661

HIGH 3206

After seeing the KAWS pieces, we rushed around to see the other galleries in the museum...I especially liked the REV. HOWARD FINSTER folk art stuff, the modern furniture pieces designed by the DROOG collective, and the artwork on display in the PICASSO TO WARHOL exhibit. We had already seen the modern masters exhibit a couple of times already, but wanted to make sure Gary got to see it. Being close to closing time, the galleries were mostly empty, which made viewing that more enjoyable...

HIGH 3647

HIGH 3648

HIGH 3649

HIGH 3650

HIGH 3651

HIGH 3652

HIGH 3653

HIGH 3654

HIGH 3656

HIGH 3663

HIGH 3662

On the way back home to Athens, we stopped to crawl along the many ethnic strip malls on the BUFORD HWY in Doraville in search of late-nite dinner. We came across this little vietnamese VIDEO RENTAL place:


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