Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sketchbook Sunday - Animal Friends

Time to check out some of my drawings that I have been making lately. I love to draw.

sleepy sloth.
I like to practice drawing some animals, so here are some that I drew in my sketchbook. I love this sloth! They are really neat to watch, if you get to see one in real life. I saw one once at a zoo on vacation when I was a teenager.

Acorn and squirrel drawing.
There are some squirrels in our 'hood. They like to come and visit Nilla at the window in our craft room. They are adorable and playful. They are fun to watch.

Woodland friends.
Here are some more squirrels and some of their woodland friends. I love woodland and forest themes, cos I really am a mori girl!

Yoga kitty.
Trying to do more yoga, like this yoga kitty!

Owl in flight drawing and a xylophone.
I started to draw some more birds, so here is an owl in flight. Now that I look closer, it really looks like this little guy is going to play the xylophone!

Happy Bunny and Happy Carrot drawing.
Of course I am always thinking about bunnies! This is a happy bunny with a happy carrot.

Bean bunny drawing.
And last, but not least, here is a bean-shaped bunny. Sort of a jelly bean! Yum!

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