Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scenes From The Collection - Fluevog Love

Now there are a few brands I am loyal to, and I don't usually like to be an advert, but I am a HUGE fan of JOHN FLUEVOG SHOES. I have been for a while, but it took me until 1999 to get my first pair. At least I think it was 1999 or so. My very first Fluevogs were the Familevog!

Oreo and my shoes.
The FAMILEVOG was made for the DANIELSON FAMILE, a family of musicians that dress as nurses and doctors to promote the healing power of their soulful music. The gold stitching! The handbag heart! What is not to love about these? I absolutely love them, and so does our bun, Oreo.

in clover.
I love these ANASTASIA Mary Janes. I had to have these when I saw the embroidered birds on them. They had them in a red and blue colorway, but I thought black was the way to go with these. They are great to wear with colored knee highs, skirts, or culottes!

my new mary janes!!

My shoes.
I love Fluevog Mary Janes! They go great with all my dresses and skirts.

Doily carpet and my shoes!
And here are my ERIKA FELLOWSHIP shoes. These are sort of saddle shoe-ish to me. This photo was taken at Le Meridian hotel in Xiamen, China last year. I love the doily pattern on this carpet - and my Fellowship shoes! I wore them the whole time while in China.

my shoes
And here is my very well-worn pair of ANGIES. Oh, Angie. These have been all over the place! They have seen better days! I love these shoes cos they do not have laces and can easily be slipped off on a flight or in the movies.

Fluevog Collection 5649
This is the whole glorious herd together for a family portrait! Check out those boots! They are POWDER BLUE!

Fluevog Collection 0231
Nilla is even a fan of the 'vogs!

So, if you didn't know already, John Fluevog has a contest to see would get to design their next print ad...I am one of the four finalists! YOU can help me win this contest by casting a vote for my design HERE! It's the cute one with the girl walking her dog! There's only a few days left for the contest, so be sure to vote daily. THANK YOU!

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