Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hong Kong - Fall 2010, Part Two

CHINA 3776

Despite being totally wiped out from traveling, I got up early to take advantage of our single FREE DAY in Hong Kong. A couple of swimmers were enjoying the rooftop pool while the island city loomed on the other side of VICTORIA HARBOUR. I couldn't wait to explore get over there and explore. I fortified myself with some vitamin C before heading out with Karla and Sam to check out the city...

CHINA 3779

CHINA 3781

CHINA 3771

The hotel shuttle took us to the shoreline, where we planned to take the ferry across to Hong Kong proper. Down on the seafront I managed to get a photo of Karla and Sam with a very Chinese-looking boat passing by in the background. Afterwards, we came across this playful display of LANTERNS (which probably looked even more awesome lit up at night)...it was one of the many moments when I thought, "Awwww, I really wish Missy was here to see this!"

CHINA 3787

CHINA 3788

CHINA 3795

CHINA 3799

CHINA 3803

CHINA 3805

CHINA 3807

CHINA 3808

CHINA 3809

CHINA 3810

CHINA 3812

CHINA 3813

CHINA 3814

CHINA 3815

I've been fortunate to have crossed Victoria Harbour via the venerable STAR FERRY a good number of times now, and every time was exciting and breathtaking to me...as usual, this excursion was no exception...

CHINA 3816

CHINA 3817

CHINA 3819

CHINA 3822

CHINA 3820

CHINA 3824

CHINA 3830

CHINA 3832

Back on land in Hong Kong, we eschewed the traditional red cabs and hopped on a bus which took us to the base of VICTORIA PEAK, where we took the FUNICULAR RAILWAY to the top of the mountain. The cable car climbed past the tops of tall buildings and high-rises before the railway ended at the bottom of the PEAK TOWER, where everyone disembarked and entered through the gift shop...

CHINA 3838

CHINA 3837

CHINA 3839

CHINA 3847

CHINA 3846

CHINA 3853

CHINA 3854

CHINA 3855

CHINA 3856

CHINA 3889

The Peak Tower is basically a multi-leveled mall filled with touristy cheesiness...I took this photo of a BUDDHIST MONK posing with a wax statue of BRUCE LEE, outside of the wax museum...also, there was a giant display reminding everyone about the Halloween celebrations happening at the nearby HONG KONG DISNEYLAND...

CHINA 3858

CHINA 3857

CHINA 3890

We rode the escalators to the roof of the Peak Tower where we were treated to spectacular views of the harbor and city far below...

CHINA 3863

CHINA 3866

CHINA 3864

CHINA 3877

CHINA 3878

CHINA 3879

CHINA 3876

CHINA 3871

CHINA 3873

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