Monday, March 7, 2011

Hong Kong - Fall 2010, Part One

CHINA 3756

So, if you've been following previous posts, you'll know that I recently came across a MEMORY CARD with a bunch of forgotten images from last October. Along with images from last HALLOWEEN, I also found images from my work trip to HONG KONG and CHINA, which happened the previous two weeks leading up to the holiday...since I'm in the mood to tie up loose ends, I thought, "Might as well post these photos from China, too..."

Unlike previous trips to China, Missy was not along with me for the adventure. Instead, it was me and two other co-workers, Karla and Sam, from the Art Department of our company. Our trip to China would take us through the NARITA AIRPORT in TOKYO, JAPAN, on our way to Hong Kong. I tried to take a photo of this JAPANESE SUNSET which looked exactly like the stylized sun on the "LAND OF THE RISING SUN" flag, with big fat rays of red sunlight radiating from a sleepy red sun...only, my photo failed to capture how majestic the sunset looked in reality, capturing instead, a sleepy Australian tourist rubbing the sleep from his eyes...

CHINA 3755

Narita Airport is fairly small, with nothing much to keep you entertained...before heading through the gate and boarding the plane, I managed to buy a bunch of cute BIRD-SHAPED PASTRIES for Missy...cookies that are too cute to eat, apparently - we've only eaten two of them since I brought them back:

CHINA 3753

CHINA 3752

CHINA 3757

CHINA 3758

After a couple of hours, we arrived at the airport in HONG was late and the airport was relatively empty of travelers.
We stocked up on snacks at 7-11 before catching a train to our hotel in KOWLOON:

CHINA 3763

CHINA 3765

CHINA 3764

CHINA 3766

After almost 24 hours straight of traveling in taxis, planes, and trains, we arrived at the METROPOLIS HOTEL in Kowloon. The bed was a welcome sight and I couldn't wait to finally sleep in a horizontal position...

CHINA 3767

CHINA 3768

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