Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nilla is Six!

Today we celebrate Nilla's Adoption Day, or in other words, Nilla's Birthday. It was six years ago today that I brought home my best kitty friend, who I love so much. Nilla is so silly, funny, and loving. She is a good friend. Now let's look at Nilla though the ages...

Nilla as a baby!
This is my Nilla as a baby! She was so small when I brought her home. I forgot she was this tiny and so thin.

Little Nilla!
Nilla likes to climb on my bookcase. This is from my old house...


in the sunshine.

nilla is so helpful
Nilla always liked to help me craft and sew.

nilla cools off
I give Nilla ice cubes in the summer!

sleepy kitty
Here Nilla is testing out my vintage red velvet chair.

nilla sleeps

time for tea,
Nilla and I share lots of things.

nilla on her special day.
Nilla's two year celebration! I can't believe it has been four years since this photo was taken.

Nilla sitting in my hamper. Silly!

This picture is really funny! Nilla is our "guard cat."

look at nilla!

nilla in my closet


nilla makes a face at me.

nilla's big yawn!

nilla sort of looking like an old man.

nilla on her cardboard scratcher.
Nilla loves this lounger. She loves card board!

nilla's ears.

Libby's portrait of Nilla!
Nilla's portrait by our friend Libby.

Nilla is on to me taking her photo.

Nilla and the little blood drop.
Becky from SWEETIE PIE PRESS made the crochet blood drop.


Nilla loves boxes.

Hi, mice, I am Nilly!
Nilla as a loaf with two mice I made for her. The gray one is from when I brought her home. She loves her homemade toys better than store bought. Go Nilla!

Nilla making a face at me.

Funny face!

Nilla thinks we can't see her.

My Nilla.

Nilla is our amazing cat!


Nilla on Christmas.
Nilla at Christmas!

I love you, Nilla!

Nilla 0185
Nilla we love you!

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