Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zines - Kiwi Edition

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 10
I have been a fan of zines ever since I started reading them in high school. I have to say, and it may sound silly, but zines saved my life. I recently ordered some zines from my pal Susy at Bird in the Hand Zine Shop in Australia. Australia is a great place for zines, especially arty and crafty ones, like the ones above.

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 6

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 5
Spoonful is a sweet zine, and a fun little read. This issue's theme is "A Happiness Companion" and has articles on that topic, a tutorial with ideas on using up your small bits of fabric, and showcases some different artists with photos of their crafts (this issue features a "goat" theme!).

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 7

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 1

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 9
Next is Extra Curricular. Like Mixtape, another favorite zine of mine, Extra Curricular is all about making and feeling good about it. Did you know crafting is healthy? Yes! There is a great article all about this, too! I also love the interviews with different artists and photographers, seeing their studios, and learning about their creative process. There is a nice article about Roller Derby in Australia and New Zealand! I also have to say I love seeing the ads in all of these zines!

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 3

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 4
Sohi looks a lot like a fashion mag, with beautiful photography and nice paper, but there are neat stories all about community gardening, moving from the city to the country, cross stitch, food, art, and so much more.

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 2
Plus, I learned so much about even more zines, artists, and crafty websites in Australia than I ever knew existed! Hooray for zines!


Victoria said...

I love Spoonful! I know Anthea, the lovely lady behind the zine through my sister and can put you in touch if you ever wanted to submit any of your drawings.

I'm lucky too that Bird in the Hand, which is totally the best Zine shop in Oz is right here in my town :) I was stoked when I saw Kneehigh in stock xx

Missy said...

Hi Victoria!

You are lucky to have a zine shop near you! Athens does not have a zine shop. Well, we do have an indie comic shop, but they do not carry zines and crafty zines, too. I would love to draw for Spoonful! Let them know and tell them to get in touch!