Saturday, October 2, 2010

Occupational Hazards 10 - BINGO!

WORK 3593

Last week at work I won $42 (and a little box of NERDS!) from BINGO! We've been doing this thing at work they like to call SAFETY BINGO - I guess it's supposed to help promote workplace safety. Everyday they call out bingo numbers over the PA system. Everyone can play so long as no one in your department has a workplace injury. If someone gets hurt, then your entire department is disqualified for the month from participating in bingo. Being in the ART DEPARTMENT, the chances of getting hurt are pretty good - there's sharp instruments, toxic chemicals, etc...but you're more likely to get your feelings hurt during one of our twice-weekly critiques than anything else...

...oh, and one of these days, people are going to get the spelling of my name right! I guess I really can't blame anyone since my first name consists of THREE BACK-TO-BACK VOWELS sandwiched between two consonants. I could see how that would confuse people...

WORK 3594

WORK 3588

WORK 3591

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