Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ohh, Boy! x Rancho Cocoa

OHH 8389

Hey, in-town shopping shoppers! The fine folks at the OHH, BOY! boutique here in loverly Athens, Georgia have made a special little section for MISSY KULIK and EXTRA CREDIT CRAFTS convenient! In addition to re-stocking our stuff, the store just got in a buncha new items from a buncha new indie designers, in addition to their selection of choice vintage, you should probably stop in if you get a chance and check it out!

Also - and this has absolutely nothing to do with us - they offer an alterations service, if you need some article of clothing (like, maybe something vintage you buy from them, or even something you just bought at the Gap) altered to fit you like a glove, they can do that! We think that's pretty cool:

Ohh, Boy!
585 Barber Street, Studio E
(in the DOC Building Across from the Habitat ReStore)
Athens, Georgia

12pm - 7pm

11am - 7pm

website HERE

OHH 8391

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Dusty said...

Yep, this shop - Ooh, Boy! - is adorable. I'm so glad it's in the neighborhood. I paid the store a visit two weeks ago and I just love it to pieces.