Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back To The Future

Me - Baby, originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

So instead of doing one of those "Best of the Decade" things, we thought it would be good to post my portraits my mom gave me on one of their recent visits. I love that my mom saved these photos for me! I have a set of my own, plus both of my brother's school pictures, too.

Above is me as a baby. I was so tiny! I was born premature, so I had to stay in the hospital and get extra care before I could go home. I was about a month or two too early, and weighed less than two pounds (I will have to ask Mom to be sure). Mom said I was two pounds, eight ounces!

Me - Kindergarten
Here I am from Kindergarten where I had Mrs. Councilman as a teacher. My mom made me the little pink top I am wearing, complete with mini flower applique.

Me - 1st Grade
I think I fell on the playground on this day. This is first grade.

Me - 2nd Grade
Ah, second grade - I did not want to smile in this picture so I bit my cheeks. I think you can totally tell, though.

Me 3rd Grade
This one is from third grade. I remember I would wear this purple kitty shirt with purple pants that had white piping down the sides. I was so stylish, even then!

Me - 4th Grade
I think I got this shirt at K Mart.

Me - 5th Grade
I blocked fifth grade from my memory, but this is me from fifth grade.

Me - 6th Grade
Just to show you how not cool I was then, If you notice I have a little Spuds McKenzie pin on my top - right near the little plastic sunglasses. I guess I was trying to make this Spuds McKenzie pin my "thing" cos I wore it almost daily. What was I thinking - cos it is for beer? I did not drink then, and I don't drink now, so I still question this as a fashion statement. Maybe I thought the commercials were really funny. I do not know.

Me - 7th Grade
This is junior high, my seventh grade photo. I know I really blocked these years from my mind, so if you talk to me about seventh and eighth grade, at say a reunion or something, and I really have no idea what you are talking about, please forgive me. I am not playing dumb. I really don't remember. Some of you, please refresh my memory!

Me - 8th Grade
Okay, eighth grade, some of it is coming back to me. I know I got this shirt in JC Penney's and it is French Connection! I am getting a little more stylish as I get older, no?

And I know the sweater in the seventh grade pic is from JC Penney's catalog, I am almost sure of this.

Me - 9th Grade
Ninth grade is when the really important things begin, right? I finally had a favorite band (the B-52's) and my friends were the skate punks and goth kids. We all sat at the same lunch table and once we got food thrown at us. See, I do remember some things, huh?

Me - 10th Grade
Me - the Grunge Years. This is 1990 after all! I was really into 120 Minutes and K records. I loved fanzines and comics.

Me - 11th Grade
This was the year I got my glasses! Go eleventh grade and not being able to see! I wanted really roundy ones like Michael Stipe. My brother called me "mushroom head." I have a little fairy charm on my neck cos I collected fairies. See if you can find the fairies in all my photos (hint: there are two last I checked).

Me - Senior

Me - Senior
These are from my senior year! I so wanted to be goth! But I loved wearing colors too much! I loved Siouxsie Sioux and had a poster of her in my bedroom! I found that dress at a thrift for $14 and it is Saks! I still have it! And fit into it! LOVE!

Me - Senior
And this is the picture that is in my 1994 year book! I was into riot grrrl and zines, and drawing and painting. I asked my mom if I could be vegetarian and she said no.

So there you have it - me from start to finish in photo form!




- R A O U L

Howie said...

The Evolution of Awesome! :)

Grace said...

Ha! "I asked my mom if I could be a vegetarian and she said no."

You were so cute when you were really young!

Missy said...

Thanks Raoul and Grace!

Howie, I need a crochet Missy doll.