Sunday, January 17, 2010

Missy Hearts Alessi's Ark

I have not had a band "wow" me in some time, but I am simply enchanted by Alessi's Ark these days. I could not find her album "Notes from the Treehouse" on iTunes (in the US), so I ordered it from her directly. We got it in our post box on Friday and I was so thrilled - there was a little note inside!

Alessi's Ark cds.
And check out the little knit bag and the screen printed cover, too. That one is a split with Thunder Power.

Alessi's Ark!
And it gets better - the cd!

Ribbon on cd.
And the lyrics that are tied around the cd! Now I must put you on my ipod... But before I do that, you should see her lovely video for "Over the Hill" - sigh!

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