Saturday, January 2, 2010

Awesome House Show

SHOW 8483

Last night, THE FRENCH TOASTS (a.k.a. me and Missy's musical group), played at a super fun house show here in town with THE AWESOMELIES, BLACK MOLD LIGHTNING, NEW SOCKS, WEREWOLVES, and SHUT UP AND LISTEN. It was at Wyatt Werewolves' apartment...The Awesomelies, Black Mold Lightning, and New Socks are on tour from New York and they brought their endearing and catchy brand of indiepop with them, much to the delight of the packed apartment. These are a few images and video from last night...

SHOW 8405

Our friends EBBIE and LOUISE came all the way down from Maryland to spend the New Year's holiday here in Athens, ready for whatever adventure and good times came their way:

SHOW 8404

SHOW 8406

Shut Up And Listen kicked things off with a one-song set:

SHOW 8408

SHOW 8414

SHOW 8416

The French Toasts went on next...since we were busy performing and all, I only managed to take this one photo of Missy playing guitar. After not playing a single show in over a year, we practiced for like, half-an-hour before we left for the performance. Sadly, it showed! haha! We've got a lot of rust to shake off:

SHOW 8417

Wyatt of Werewolves wowed the crowd with his ukulele:

SHOW 8421

SHOW 8423

Missy checked out the merch table...or rather, the "merch floor":

SHOW 8466

The Awesomelies got everyone to dance up a hot sweaty much fun! As soon as their set ended, everyone immediately made their way outside to cool off in the winter air:

SHOW 8429 from Raoul de la Cruz on Vimeo.

SHOW 8430 from Raoul de la Cruz on Vimeo.

SHOW 8433

SHOW 8436 from Raoul de la Cruz on Vimeo.

SHOW 8443

SHOW 8444

We came back in for a quiet and lovely set from Black Mold Lightning:

SHOW 8447

SHOW 8450 from Raoul de la Cruz on Vimeo.

And then Black Mold Lightning morphed into New Socks...the night ended like most house shows end - with a giant all-star-style "jam session"...

SHOW 8457

SHOW 8462

SHOW 8469

SHOW 8477

SHOW 8460

SHOW 8484

By the time the show ended and everyone said their goodbyes, we were famished. Ebbie and Louise had been talking about making pancakes during the show, and it must've put a wild craving in our bellies for IHOP. Missy and I headed out to the International House Of Pancakes and gorged ourselves stupid...

SHOW 8485

SHOW 8486

SHOW 8488

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