Saturday, April 25, 2009

Heavy Metal Thunder

VADER 3426

So, we're in PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA right now! We took a little 12-hour road trip yesterday and now we're at Missy's parent's house. We're in town to see THE VADER PROJECT at THE WARHOL MUSEUM - the exhibition is comprised of 100 DARTH VADER HELMETS re-painted, re-imagined, and re-designed by 100 of the the nations top designers, artists, and tastemakers. The lure of STAR WARS plus the Andy Warhol Museum was simply too much for us to resist. It pulled us in much like a tractor beam pulling the Millenium Falcon into the belly of a Death Star...

The weather up here is gorgeous. We took advantage of the nice climate and took some funny pictures of Missy and her brother JOE hamming it up on the vintage Honda motorcycle he rebuilt and restored. I think Missy looks super cute in a helmet:

VADER 3427

VADER 3428

VADER 3430

VADER 3431

VADER 3434

VADER 3435

VADER 3436

The next morning, Missy's dad decided to take the motorcycle around the block for real:

VADER 3440

VADER 3441

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So awesome & adorable! :)