Friday, April 10, 2009


Missy Egg

Yesterday we had an EGG DECORATING contest at work and our department, being the company's ART DEPARTMENT, was under pressure to not only participate, but to also do something kinda creative. Begrudgingly, we all decided to "put all our eggs into one basket" and enter as an entire group. I think we were automatically disqualified for entering as a group - and for being in the Art Department, since we had access to a wide variety of art and crafting supplies and a creative upper-hand. Missy and I decided to use some googly eyes that we found in our supply aisle and ended up making our individual eggs look kinda creepy!

Raoul Egg

Here's us and the rest of our department on our Easter Parade "FLOAT":



Genevieve Gail said...

OH MY GOSH! Yeah,you sort of look like aliens with those crazy eyes, I like Cindy's and Carol's with all of that hair! But, hey, where's the glitter?!

Church of Craft Athens said...

Oh, there was glitter - it was on the sign that read "Art Department Easter Parade." That is not in any photo I took, either! Too bad. Gen, you can totally do this at home with you and Brian.