Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Through The Stratosphere

Hammer Time from Raoul de la Cruz on Vimeo.

(Missy works out some pre-show jitters by helping our friends JO & ANDRE demolish a wall in their recently expanding hairstyling business, HONEY'S SALON, which is a couple of doors down from CANOPY STUDIO)

This past weekend was another busy one...Missy performed three nights in a row at CANOPY STUDIO, doing aerial acrobatics with along with a handful of her classmates in a show called LOVE. Every night was sold out, with a line of eager spectators waiting to get the best seats in the studio:

LOVE 2124

Missy waves "HI" from the bottom of the stairs leading up to observation tower:

LOVE 2027

LOVE 2032

LOVE 2034

I took a bunch of pictures on saturday night with my camera, but the ones I took in the darkened studio came out too blurry or too dark. There were only a couple of performances that happened with the house lights on, and I only took a few photos of those performances. I did, however, videotape Missy's entire performance on Saturday night, on my camera:

LOVE 2043

LOVE 2044

"Barbarella" by Missy Kulik from Raoul de la Cruz on Vimeo.

Of course, it doesn't really do Missy's live performance any, you really don't get a sense of how incredibly high Missy is when she performs...WITHOUT A NET, so seeing the actual live performance is way more exhilarating. In any case, hopefully the video will give some of you an idea of Missy's acrobatic skill...

After Sunday night's performance we headed out to Ellen's house (which is, I KID YOU NOT, right next door to MICHAEL STIPE'S HOUSE) for the wrap party (Ellen is the one in the stripes). There was tons of good food there and since trapeze artists tend to eat healthy, all the food there was vegetarian, much to our delight...and, it was delicious!

LOVE 2126

Missy was smitten by this little hand-made bottle cap chair sitting on the dessert table and mesmerized with all the ornaments hanging above Ellen's kitchen sink:

LOVE 2127

LOVE 2128

Here's Missy with Susan, who is the owner and director of Canopy Studio, as well as one of the many instructors:

LOVE 2129

Of course, it wouldn't be a party for aerial acrobats without an actual trapeze...Ellen gladly let party goers play with the trapeze bar she has hanging in her spacious living room:

LOVE 2130

LOVE 2131

LOVE 2133

LOVE 2134

LOVE 2135

LOVE 2136


Genevieve Gail said...

Great job, Missy!!! Your performance looked really cool!

emily august said...

This looks really awesome! I love the choice of music and all those flippy things. Missy is so cool!!


Thanks! We've been fantasizing about using that song for a while now...the last solo show Missy did, she did her routine to a couple of Cocktails songs, and then a duet piece before that she did to April March...

-R A O U L