Friday, February 6, 2009

LOVE is in the air

LOVE 1995

Hey Everybody!

Tonight is the first of three nights of the LOVE show at CANOPY STUDIO here in Athens, Georgia...students will be performing various aerial-acrobatic acts to delight and excite...and Missy will be performing a death-defying piece on the SILKS, set to LOVELETTER's sixties-inspired indiepop song, "BARBARELLA". Missy wanted to wear something special for the performance so she ordered this handmade top from PAPERDOLL FASHION in Portland, Oregon (and wow, check out the BANDS/PERFORMERS they've outfitted in the past). We didn't think she would get the top in time for the show until...TAH DAH!...we opened our mailbox when we got home from work today. Missy eagerly tried on her entire "costume" and we took some pictures in the backyard...she paired her "futuristic" turtleneck with shorts and leggings we got at AMERICAN APPAREL last weekend, and her pair of special edition JOHN FLUEVOGS made for the DANIELSON FAMILY's band uniforms. We were really digging the quilty-looking basket weave details on the shoulders and even on the collar. Those folks at Paperdoll sure are talented...and, they're super cool for rushing the top over to us, toot suite.

LOVE 1989

LOVE 1991

LOVE 1996

LOVE 1997

So, if you're in the area this weekend, come on out to Canopy Studios here in Athens and catch can read about the details HERE and HERE. But hurry because Canopy performances tend to sell-out quickly. Dollar for dollar, you're gonna get some quality entertainment at a bargain price. Really! Here are some images of Missy doing her thang, just to get you in the mood:








Lemongrass Studio said...

Wish I could come to see all the excitement! LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes!

Church of Craft Athens said...

My class looks great in those photos!

I love those shoes, too. They are my favorites. Sometimes I don't wear them cos I love them so much.

denise said...

dude, what is that house your hanging in front of? looks amazing!


There's a punk rock commune here in Athens called "The Spillage Home For Wayward Youth" (it's located on a street called Millege Ave, hence the name "Spillage"). The house you see is actually a two-story shack in the back of the actual house. Missy and I performed there once and blogged about it...there's more pictures and stuff about Spillage here:

Church of Craft Athens said...

It prolly was not safe to be hanging on that rope, too. Do not try that at home. I got rope burn!! for days!! really.

denise said...

Well the pictures are amazing. Missy in front of a punk house doing acrobats.