Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nilla Forty-Four

VET 2416

Last saturday, we took NILLA to the vet for her yearly check up. She was well behaved, considering, though she was really meowy on the short ride to the FIREHALL 4 animal clinic, which is literally right around the corner from our house, next to the fire station. Surprisingly, she didn't peep when she "got the thermometer", but she did let out a couple of yelps when she got her vaccination shots. The doctor gave Nilla a clean bill of health...though, she did suggest that she lose a couple of pounds over the next year, after she weighed in at 17 pounds. BIG KITTY!

VET 2419

VET 2420

VET 2421

VET 2423

VET 2425

VET 2427

VET 2430


emily august said...

Nilla is the same weight as my sister's cat!!

Lemongrass Studio said...

Dont' be too hard on Nilla, we all gain a few in the winter months...


Emily - Big ups to big cats! More to love!

Lemongrass - So true! If we just SHAVED Nilla, she'd probably drop about 5 pounds...