Monday, August 4, 2008

Thyme After Thyme

THYME 9147

Our newest obsession is this nursery in nearby Winterville, called THYME AFTER THYME. We've gone there the past two weekends and more than likely we'll be going there again this coming weekend to buy even more plants and flowers. Located in a lovely forested area, Thyme After Thyme is probably one of the most beautiful nurseries we've ever been to. I don't think we'll ever buy another plant from Lowe's or Home Depot ever again. We took pictures, but really, they do not do the nursery justice. The jaw-dropping beauty and amazing inventory really needs to be experienced in person. Your little green thumb will shed tears of joy...

THYME 9129

Missy ponders the plants...

THYME 9130

THYME 9131

THYME 9133

THYME 9134

THYME 9137

THYME 9138

There are some awesome examples of up-cycling on the grounds...such as this beer bottle border and this tire swing shaped to look like an elephant:

THYME 9139

THYME 9142

THYME 9143

There's a little gift shop there that's guarded by this cat...he's got a cool little tent to kick back in...

THYME 9146

Taking Operation Cutify outdoors - Missy and her latest haul from Thyme After Thyme:

THYME 9157

A while ago, a branch fell off one of our trees and onto our birdbath, leaving a hole in the middle of it. Missy had tried planting wheat grass in it, but a squirrel came and tore it all up. We're gonna try to fill it with this cool scotch moss and hopefully, those pesky squirrels will leave it alone...

THYME 9178

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Woa, that place looks amazing!!