Wednesday, August 13, 2008

China Day Nine - Zhuhai

CHINA 6191

We got up early the following day to catch a flight to Zhuhai. We liked these bright colored chairs at our gate:

CHINA 6199

CHINA 6200

The first factory we visited had this creepy statuette...what IS this? It looked like a cross between Japanese anime and TIM BURTON:

CHINA 6202

We had a long commute to our next appointment...China is going through an incredible building boom and there were billboards everywhere revealing modern construction projects:

CHINA 6205

We were in a different city, being chauffeured by different vendors, but here we were again in a mini van, watching karaoke DVDs on the dash:

CHINA 6206

CHINA 6218

CHINA 6246

CHINA 6244

CHINA 6250

There was a big Buddha statue in the garden of the next factory we visited. Missy rubbed his head for good luck. It just so happened that this was the same factory that produced ceramic pieces for SANRIO! I snuck a photo of a ceramic HELLO KITTY bank we saw sitting on one of the shelves:

CHINA 6274

CHINA 6275

After work, the vendors took us to our next hotel, the YUWENQUAN HOT SPRINGS RESORT. The entire resort is styled after traditional Japanese architecture and interior design...needless to say, the rooms were totally off the hook:

CHINA 6315

They had this gnarled tree branch built into the wall that was used as a coat rack:

CHINA 6316

There was the obligatory "giant fan"...check out how big it is compared to Missy, bent over in the corner of the photo:

CHINA 6300

CHINA 6304

CHINA 6295

The room had this table on a raised sat at it with your legs sticking down into the platform. When you rotated the table 90ยบ, you were able to sink the table down into the compartment, creating a level plane on which you could put down your futon mattress:

CHINA 6299

CHINA 6296

The small print says: "There are some INDIVIDUATED pillows for you to choose in this cabinet"...sure enough, there was...including one with magnets in it, for "better health":

CHINA 6313

The shower had all the traditional Japanese bath fixings, like a little stool for you to squat on while you lathered up:

CHINA 6319

They had these funky 70's-looking gas masks that we could wear in case of fire...or mustard gas attack...or Godzilla attack...

CHINA 6332

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Ernessa T. Carter said...

Yeah, they have gas masks in Korean hotel rooms, too. Never quite got why. Makes me feel woefully unprepared at home -- like "should I get a gas mask, too??? Just in case Godzilla, chemical-laden terrorists, or a nearby volcano attacks?"