Sunday, August 10, 2008

China Day Eight, Part II - Quanzhou

CHINA 6075

We weren't in the hotel for long before we had to leave again for yet another appointment. The vendors picked us up in a mini van equipped with a dvd player built into the dash. They played a karaoke dvd for us and we watched bucolic scenes of nature fade in and out before our eyes while the likes of Celine Dion and Michael Bolton tickled our eardrums. Our driver wore white gloves...I think it was to protect him from germs...

CHINA 6079

Images of YAO MING were everywhere promoting the 2008 Olympics in Beijing...I think the locals got tired of seeing his face everywhere:

CHINA 6080


CHINA 6084

CHINA 6086

CHINA 6091

One of the factories we visited got us lunch from their local PIZZA HUT before our arrival...they were warned ahead of time that Missy and I were vegetarians, so they were kind enough to get us this cool and crisp "corn and watermelon salad" first glance, I thought the watermelon chunks were tomatoes...which would have been acceptable. Not wanting to be rude, I made an effort to eat some of the tasted "interesting"...not entirely bad, but not exactly a taste that I'd want to get used to....

CHINA 6093

The vegetarian pizza from Pizza Hut also had corn nibblets...the pizza was actually pretty good, unlike the corn/watermelon salad combo...

CHINA 6094

In addition to the Pizza Hut meal, the vendor gifted us with these elegant shadowboxes depicting famous characters from Chinese opera:

CHINA 6138

CHINA 6166

Back at the hotel we had to make our own fun...we didn't notice this before, but in our bathroom there was this painting of a flower that looked like a cross-section of the female reproductive system...GEORGIA O'KEEFE?

CHINA 6175

More funny "Engrish"...this one's for Greg:

CHINA 6184

We did some work and checked email:

CHINA 6131

And then jumped on the beds:

CHINA 6101

CHINA 6102

CHINA 6103

CHINA 6097

CHINA 6104

CHINA 6105

CHINA 6120

CHINA 6124

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