Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What's Your Project? Tea Towel Embroidery

Making a Nilla tea towel.
This year I have been trying to work on at least one project a month for myself. This month I have been doing some embroidery. My friend mailed me a Stitch Kit, which is great because it comes with everything you need to begin stitching. I did not use the provided patterns, so I just drew on my tea towel with a pencil.

Making a kitty tea towel.

Embroidering paws.
I used back stitch and got the hang of it really fast. I embroidered before, but not in a long time.

Making a kitty tea towel.
I used the split stitch on the paws. It was a little tricky going around the curves of my illustration.

Nilla on a tea towel.

Cat embroidery!
Then I added the features to my Nilla embroidery! I love the way the face looks.

My Nilla tea towel that I embroidered. Now I added stars.
Last I added some stars around Nilla for a little pop of color and the stars are fun to stitch!

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