Monday, January 21, 2013

Mochi Making

Ready to be chilled.
Raoul and I made a batch of daifuku mochi! It was very simple to make, and was really yummy to boot.

We used the recipe from my candy making book. We also read some recipes online before beginning.

Making mochi.

Mochi dough that I made so pink!
We added some pink food coloring to our mochi dough. Here are the pictures of how it looked when we removed the dough from the microwave. It looked like Play-doh!


Making mochi!
We rolled and kneaded the dough after it cooled off some. Careful when it comes out of the microwave, this dough is like lava!

Adding the filling!
We added some strawberry jam to the center of the mochi, not the usual red bean paste. I was trying hard not to over fill the mochi, or else the jam would ooze out of the ball when I rolled it.

Little mochi.
Here is the rolled mochi!

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