Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flying Trapeze

Thanks @tangerine_pixie for flying with me today.
My friend Allison and I are taking on trapeze lessons for this year! We are really excited to be doing this together. I took trapeze and silk aerials for 8 years, then I took a break. Allison wanted to get back into it, so we decided to start a class together.

Flyin' with @tangerine_pixie !❤

Go @tangerine_pixie !
Even though I have not been on the trapeze bar, I feel pretty good about remembering things. I do not feel as strong as I was before, but I am getting back onto the "swing" of things - haha.

Yay! @tangerine_pixie on the trapeze.
Here are some pictures I took of Allison as she was on the trapeze! Looking good!

Me and Allison.

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