Monday, January 17, 2011

Zines and Sketchbook

Sketchbook Project 0029
So I mailed off my Sketchbook Project and sent it last week! I am excited to have finished it, and I have to say "whew!" to being completed with a project so early in 2011, even though I started it last October. This is the cover of my book.

Sketchbook Project 0032
And then the back cover, too. I also wanted to share that my zine is featured in this month's PikaPackage of zines! Check it out cos there is a give away of this awesome PikaPackage, and there are so many great artists in this collection.

Sketchbook Project 0035


vidademonstruo said...

me gusta :)

Genevieve Gail said...

So cute, Missy! Love Nilla and Oreo around the back. That looks like the coolest project. It's neat to see how different everyone makes theirs. Have you seen the artist Geninne's book yet with birds

Oh, and P.S., yes I saw those cowboy rainboots- crazy!!!

Missy said...

You all should check out the Art House projects! There are some projects you can still sign up for!

I am looking at her book now, Gen. Mine is so lo fi compared to others!!