Sunday, January 9, 2011

365 Buttons Project for 2011

So I decided for this year I will work on a 365 Project. Did you ever work on one? I know people who have worked on taking a photo each day and things like that, and I used to draw a comic journal for about three years. This year I decided to make a button for each day.

Seal With Scarf Button - 01.01.11

Penguin With Scarf - Button 01.02.11

Squirrel With Scarf - Button 01.03.11

Bunny With Scarf - Button 01.04.11

Polar Bear With Scarf - Button 01.05.11
My first illustrations include these Winter Wonderland Animals! I was inspired by Jan Brett's story called The Mitten and thinking about animals in winter and how much I love the winter! Plus, we are expecting a snow storm tonight, so it is extra exciting! I look forward to seeing snowflakes in a few hours!

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