Monday, January 3, 2011

Gettin' Aht

PGH 4933
(Cruising by the light-and-snow-covered BISCUIT WORLD in Summerville, West Virginia, on our way up to Pittsburgh)

Missy and I just got back last night from a week's worth of vacation hanging out with her family up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I pretty much spent the last two months of 2010 sick, and most of my time in Pittsburgh was spent getting over my latest cold. We mostly stayed in, watching movies, playing video games, and eating homemade meals. Every now and then we got out of the the afternoon we explored the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh with Missy's brother Joe and his friend Brandon...

PGH 4934

PGH 4935

SWEATS & THANGS...that's how they roll in East Liberty...

PGH 4937

One day we headed into the city with Missy's brother's, Joe and Greg, and Greg's wife Cristina. We trekked to Pittsburgh's STRIP DISTRICT and stood in line for the privilege of eating at world famous DELUCA'S RESTAURANT, home of the "BEST BREAKFAST IN TOWN". Luckily, the wait wasn't as bad as we anticipated (though it was lunch time by the time we got in) and soon we were noshing on king-sized portions of grub...

PGH 4942

PGH 4945

PGH 4946

PGH 4947

PGH 4949

PGH 4950

I opted for a VEGGIE BURRITO with a side of ONION RINGS. The burrito had a slice of AMERICAN CHEESE on it! As I was taking a picture of it, Joe suggested I put a coin on it "for size"...not sure if the dime gives you an idea of how massive the burrito was, though...

PGH 4951

PGH 4952

PGH 4954

Missy got this massive BANANA SPLIT CREPE and had no problem polishing it off...

PGH 4953

PGH 4955

PGH 4957

PGH 4958

No visit to Pittsburgh would be complete without going to at least one museum or gallery so we ended our day at The Strip with a visit to the awesome SOCIETY OF CONTEMPORARY CRAFT...

PGH 4959

PGH 4960

PGH 4962

PGH 4963

PGH 4961

PGH 4968

PGH 4965

PGH 4964

PGH 4967

PGH 4966

"Make Stuff, Not War"

PGH 4970

PGH 4986

PGH 4993

SUSTAINABLE BICYCLES with frames made out of BAMBOO:

PGH 4971

PGH 4969

PGH 4989

We saw a case full of PLUSH MEAT:

PGH 4992

PGH 4994

PGH 4991

The highlight of the gallery was this ULTIMATE CHILL OUT ROOM covered from floor to ceiling with knit, crocheted, and plush details. We wondered how difficult it would be to create a room like this for ourselves...

PGH 4985

PGH 4973

PGH 4977

PGH 4976

PGH 4979

PGH 4981

PGH 4982

PGH 4983

PGH 4988


julie. said...

GREAT PICS! Love all the contemp craft stuff.
That is the hugest burrito I've ever seen -- the dime was a great idea for scale, otherwise I'd have thought it was just normal size..


If you're ever in Pittsburgh visiting the many wonderful museums and galleries, definitely don't forget to put Society of Contemporary Craft on your admission, too!