Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow Day

Snow buddies.

Isobel loves being in the snow.

Sadie loves the snow, too.
We had a white-ish Christmas after all! Right at the tail end of the day, it snowed beautiful fluffy flakes and it stuck, too. I thought it would melt by morning, but it did not! So I took a couple of the girls out for a snow day.

Sadie out in the snow.
Here is Sadie climbing on the jasmine vines in the snow. She has on a pink sweater I knit for her, too!

Isobel in the snow.
Isobel has a frog hat that our friend Megumi made from Sweet Honey Complex. It really helps keep her warm in the cold winter weather!

Snow day!
Sadie is making some snow cones!

Making some angels in the snow.
And finally they made some snow angels in the front yard! What fun! I love snow!

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