Friday, December 3, 2010

Baby It's Getting Cold Outside

My owly mittens that Libby made!
Check out my new pair of adorable owl mittens that our friend LIBBY knitted for me! I love these mittens for a number of reasons, such as they are a beautiful red color that I simply love, and I can wear these in my office when it is frigid and still work on the computer! Libby also does some fabulous pet portraits, too. You might remember the NILLA PORTRAIT that Libby made for us. I love it so much. Libby is so talented! Check out her website HERE.

Holding Nilla.

Me and Nilla - I am showing off my mittens that mypal Libby made for me.
Speaking of Nilla, here she is letting me hold her for a photograph! She is so good! She looks extra soft and cloud-like in these pictures that Raoul took, doesn't she?

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