Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ohh, Boy! On The Move!

OHH BOY 9465

Hey, all you local Athens, Georgia's yer last chance to shop at OHH, BOY!'s current location at the D.O.C. Building, on 585 Barber Street before they move into a bigger space in the next month or two! So be sure to stop in, say "hi!", and treat yourself to a unique shopping experience...and buy our goods! Help Ohh, Boy! transition to their new space by buying a whole buncha stuff, so that they have less to physically move into their new shop! Make it rain, playa!

For more information, check out their website HERE or become a fan of their Facebook page HERE...don't be shy, go out and buy! Especially if you've never been before. The OHH, GIRLS! that run Ohh, Boy! are totally friendly and helpful and they want to hook you up with your newest "prized possession". They're like the "Millionaire Matchmaker" of the punk rock boutique world...or at the very least, the "eHarmony" of the punk rock boutique world...

OHH BOY 9464

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