Sunday, March 21, 2010

Occupational Hazards 7

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So, this past week has been very busy and stressful at work. Lots of long hours at work AND at home - there's not enough hours in the day at work, so consequently, I've been having to take my work home with me. One thing I've been working with at home is this stupid computer that I have to take with me to China. It's called a TABLET and supposedly, I should be able to write notes on it with a STYLUS, and then the computer is supposed to be able to turn my handwriting into PRINTED TEXT. It would be cool if it actually worked - but so far, it hasn't. I spend more time correcting misspelled words than I do actual writing, which is counter-productive on top of being super frustrating - and that was only when the computer wasn't crashing mid-way during my training sessions. All week I've been training with the computer, trying to get it to learn my handwriting style to no avail. So, I've simply given up and resolved to take notes the old-fashioned way, like I have always done on past work trips to China - with a STENO PAD and PEN, later transcribing and typing up my notes into the computer. I understand that using the Tablet is supposed to eliminate that extra step, but if the computer is going to misspell every other word I write or crash in the middle of my note taking, then it's totally not worth it. Working with the Tablet all week has just reinforced my belief, one-hundred fold, that PCs SUUUUUUUCK. They're confusing, totally counter-intuitive, unpredictable, and...the hardware is just plain ugly. I totally understand why most professional designers (and other creatives and design-savvy folks, for that matter) prefer MACS over PCs. I totally get it. Give me a Mac any day. Or pen and paper.

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