Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nilla Eighty-Three

NILLA 9649

NILLA was overseeing ZINE PRODUCTION at the Ranch last night...the FLUKE ZINE AND COMIC FAIR is just around the corner, and with our pending work trip to CHINA, we're going to lose a couple of weeks of production time. Hence, the jump start. We've missed out on Fluke the past couple of years, usually, because we were busy working in China. But this year, they moved the date as well as the location, and luckily, we'll be able to participate this time!

NILLA 9652

NILLA 9698

NILLA 9705

NILLA 9712

NILLA 9715

NILLA 9717


pictures eat people said...

hey cool stuff!! i like your little comic picture books x

Missy said...

Hi! Thank you. I am glad you like my books. I am going to check out your picture book!

pictures eat people said...

oh thank you!! hehe, we cld go back and forward like this for could write "that's okay" and i could write "no worries"...i'm really procrastinating. i'm trying to make a business card!