Friday, August 28, 2009

Shiny Happy People

SHINY 5699

This is too cute not to share...tonight we headed over to JO and ANDRE's house to help them celebrate their 5-year WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. Jo owns and operates HONEY'S SALON (it's where Missy gets her hair did) and André writes the NEITHER BIG NOR TALL blog (he did the story on Missy's TOFU BABY for FLAGPOLE). There was plenty of Mexican food and mariachi music spinning on the record player, an amazing chocolate cake, a pop quiz about how they met, and slow dancing in the backyard to R.E.M.'s SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE...Happy Anniversary, Jo & André!

SHINY 5697

SHINY 5701

SHINY 5702

SHINY 5709

SHINY 5712

SHINY 5713 from Raoul de la Cruz on Vimeo.

SHINY 5715

SHINY 5717

SHINY 5718

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