Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blast From the Past: Snowflake Soiree

ready to go!, originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

Do you remember the first indie craft market you participated in? Well, I was reminded of the Snowflake Soiree we had from Emily's thoughtful post. This was a great memory for me cos Raoul had just moved here at the end of October and I had set up the Soiree at the Athens Recess Center.

welcome to the snowflake soiree
The Athens Recess Center (aka ARC) was a community space run by locals, namely my friend Jo, who was thrilled to have the ARC host this event. We had the chalkboard out and balloons from my work, too. Even though it rained, we had an excellent turn out. All our goodie bags got snatched up so fast!

raoul's pouches

our table

look at all the holiday cheer
We had our table packed to the gills with Raoul's pouches, plush doggies, ornaments, zines, and much more. I have not looked at these photos in a long time. I see lots of handmade goodies that I don't even make anymore. Maybe I should bring some of that stuff back?

emily and her friend
Emily and Jenny were at a table together. Look at all those fabulous goodies! We had a bunch of crafters there - like Glue and Glitter, A bardis, Deli Made, and Genevieve Gail to name a few.

And Sarah, too!

upstairs crafts

from upstairs

Here I am, too. Wow, December 2005 does not seem like that long ago, but my, we have come a long way!


Genevieve Gail said...

That was so fun! We HAVE come a long way!

Glue and Glitter said...

This show was so much fun! I had just started doing craft shows, and I remember having a great time!