Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...

We put up our little Christmas tree! Raoul helped organize my vintage Christmas treasures. I think they look especially great this year!

Our tree and decorations!!

My deer collection. They are vintage.

Santa ad his sleigh.
My mom gave me these reindeer and Santa Claus. I have had these since I was little. They are some of my favorite decorations. We could not fit all the reindeer on the rooftop, so there are two more in a box!

Some of my Christmas elves.
I really love the knee hugger elves!

2012 tree

We have all Hallmark ornaments on our Christmas tree. My family has always collected these, and my mom even buys my brothers and I a new ornament each year. She even gets Raoul one now! I just love them and I love remembering all of them since I was little. Now we are ready for Christmas at the Ranch! Are you ready?

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