Sunday, November 25, 2012

I.C.E. Atlanta Holiday 2012

ICE 8139

Last weekend we participated in I.C.E. ATLANTA's 2012 HOLIDAY MARKET at the spacious AMBIENT + STUDIO in Atlanta, Georgia. Both days were jammed pack with holiday shoppers and browsers, keeping the 100+ vendors happily busy. The first sign it would be a busy weekend were the LONG LINES that queued at the entrance each morning before the doors opened promptly at 10am...

ICE 8083

FOOD TRUCKS outside and a bar and even more food vendors kept the crowds well-fed during the market:

ICE 8141

The view of the market as soon as you came into the studio...our table was the second one on the left as you entered...

ICE 8084

ICE 8085

ICE 8088

ICE 8125

ICE 8122

ICE 8123

ICE 8146

ICE 8128

ICE 8129

ICE 8130

New to our table was our multi-level ONE-INCH BUTTON CAROUSEL which everyone seemed to enjoy. It was a practical solution to our problem of wanting to display a ton of button designs, but not having enough room on the table to do so. We placed the more KID-FRIENDLY BUTTONS (a.k.a. Missy's buttons) down low where the kids could see, and kept the more ADULT-THEMED BUTTONS (a.k.a. my buttons) up high...

ICE 8096

ICE 8138

ICE 8103

ICE 8090

ICE 8092

ICE 8094

We had brought SUSHI for lunch, which we hastily ate between transactions...when that was not enough, we hit up the bar for drinks and snacks. Note: EGGNOG and HUMMUS is NOT a good pairing...

ICE 8095

ICE 8098

ICE 8101

Speaking of food, Missy's PLUSH CHEESE PUFFS and PLUSH PICKLES were a big the end of the weekend, we were completely sold out of the pickles (I think the cute CHILLY DILLY PICKLE BAGS we served them up in helped make the sales)...

ICE 8102

ICE 8107

The view from our table across the aisle. We were especially mesmerized by the MARISOL SPOON booth and their finely-detailed STONE-CAST CLOCKS...

ICE 8086

ICE 8144

The next day when we parked in the dirt lot across the street, we noticed a BIG WHITE STALLION hiding around the corner from a heavily-graffitied wall. Turns out there was a whole field of horses in the back of this abandoned did we not notice that before? Weirdly enough, there were some people across the way having a little "photo shoot" with a UNICORN HEAD MASK. Between the urban decay and graffiti, the horses, and the unicorn, it was a pretty surreal tableau...

ICE 8112

ICE 8114

ICE 8117

ICE 8116

ICE 8115

ICE 8150

After we re-set our booth, we quickly walked around the venue before Sunday's batch of shoppers arrived. Unfortunately, many of the booths were shuttered still or the vendors were busy setting up again. In the very back of venue was a room called SALVAGE, where sellers sold vintage and antique furniture, goods, and clothing...

ICE 8121

ICE 8120

ICE 8119

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ICE 8137

ICE 8140

Missy helped our neighbor, HOT PINK POO, watch her booth while she and her family checked out the rest of the market.

ICE 8142

ICE 8147

Our other neighbor, THE LONG THREAD, bought one of Missy's PLUSH BUNNIES for her daughter. The little girl loved it so much, she quickly SKETCHED IT in her notebook...we love talented and precocious little kids!

ICE 8148


Marla said...

I'm so sad I didn't make it out this year - I LOVE ICE! Also, you won't be surprised to hear that I need to find out where you got that button display/carousel... I didn't wind up signing up for any shows this year but I know that in the future I'll be doing some and I love the way that looks! ;) Wanna share your trade secrets? Hehe.


Marla - I'll PM you on the Facebook! We missed you guys at I.C.E. too!