Sunday, November 11, 2012

Check It Out

ZINE 7948

Friday night, Missy and I headed out to the OCONEE COUNTY LIBRARY to attend the TEEN ZINE SECTION LAUNCH PARTY. Missy was a SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER at the event and WEREWOLVES (sans me) played an acoustic set of songs. Before heading out to the library, Missy put together a bunch of GOODY BAGS that were going to be raffled off at the party. Each goody bag had a copy of her book, PERSONAL CHARM, several copies of her zines, a bookmark, and a collection of one inch buttons that she designed...

ZINE 7925

By the time we got there, the PIZZA AND ZINE-MAKING PARTY was in full swing. We had just enough time to say "hi" to our friends before Missy had to take the stage. Our friend Lonna, who coordinated the event and is also a librarian at the library, interviewed Missy along with our friend Katy, who also makes zines. During the interview, Missy and Katy talked about how they got into making zines, why they love zines so much, and why it's important for teens to have access to zines. They also talked about how teens could go about making zines of their own...

ZINE 7936

ZINE 7937

ZINE 7942

ZINE 7945

After the interview, Lonna gave us a quick after-hours tour of the library while the band set up and sound checked:

ZINE 7949

ZINE 7951

ZINE 7953

ZINE 7954

ZINE 7955

ZINE 7956

ZINE 7959

After the tour, we checked out the temporary ZINE READING LOUNGE while everyone else was waiting for Werewolves to perform. It doesn't look like much, but there are actually over 100 TEEN-FRIENDLY ZINES stuffed into that little magazine rack...

ZINE 7963

ZINE 7964

ZINE 7965

ZINE 7966

Before heading back into the auditorium to see Werewolves play, we checked out drawings that were left on the zine-making table in the lounge...

ZINE 7968

ZINE 7969

ZINE 7970

ZINE 7971

ZINE 7974

ZINE 7975

ZINE 7976

ZINE 7978

ZINE 7980

ZINE 7983

ZINE 7990

ZINE 7992

ZINE 7984

ZINE 7985

ZINE 7996

Lonna and Katy:

ZINE 7999

Missy and Jay:

ZINE 8002

Missy and Jean:

ZINE 8004

Missy and Kamron...Kamron was one of our favorite kids that we saw that night. We really dug his hat! Anyways, we were happy that he won one of Missy's goody bags in the raffle at the end of the night...

ZINE 8005

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