Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sketchbook Sunday - Cats and Bunnies

Cat sketches.
Here are some of my drawings I have been working on lately. Some of these are for my button designs that I have in Shoppe Sugar Cookie, and some are for fabric pattern designs I have at my Spoonflower fabric shop. Some are from my Tunesday Tuesday posts, too. It is neat to see how they turn out and if you might notice them in other places.

Bunny pose drawings.

Sketch of Laura Marling.

Sketches for some of my notepads.
I like drawing in pencil more and more recently, and then I like to use different pens to ink the artwork in. I love drawing animals, too. I do not mind drawing people so much, too - but when I was a child I never liked to draw people. I only drew animals and my toys!

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