Monday, October 3, 2011

Very Metal

Jewelry Class 0024
A couple weeks ago I started a class on Jewelry Design and Metalwork at the University of Georgia. So far I have only had two classes, so I have really just begun. Actually, I did take a class on this before, when Raoul first moved to Athens. Only that one was at the Lyndon House. The UGA class will go a little more in depth than my previous class.

Jewelry Class 0023
Right now we are learning to saw the flat pieces of brass and copper to start. I like using the little teeny weeny saw - it is almost like using a sewing machine. Sometimes I worry about the small bits of metal getting stuck to my clothing or my hands!

Jewelry Class 0022
We are learning to pierce the metal with the saw, too. I am making a rain drop here. I am also making the squirrel, but I did not take a picture of that yet. Yay! How fun is it to be a student after being out of college for over ten years.

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