Wednesday, October 26, 2011

California Day at Royal/T

Los Angeles 0128
Our last day in California was spent in Los Angeles. Raoul and I went to some very cute shops and art spaces. My favorite was Royal/T, a café where the waitresses dressed in gothic Lolita style. It was so neat there, and they had a great exhibit called East Village West going on, too. We saw lots of art by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Greer Lankton, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Kenny Scharf, to name a few.

Los Angeles 0139

Los Angeles 0140

Los Angeles 0113

Los Angeles 0106

Los Angeles 0108
I found some of my favorite records in the art installation!

Los Angeles 0109
And here, too!

Los Angeles 0110

All that art-lookin' made me hungry. We ordered the High/T, which had a pot of tea and a variety of little cookies and fruit to try.
Los Angeles 0126

Me having High T at Royal T in Los Angeles.
Needless to say it was yummy. Our favorite was the raspberries and fruit dip and the cookie on top. It had cranberries and it was super soft.

Los Angeles 0116

We also met my pal Jamie for a short time. She brought her Blythe dolls!

Los Angeles 0137
Here is Tofu Baby with Birdie. They are good fwends!

Los Angeles 0134
Here is Tofu Baby with York! They sure had a busy and fun day together!


Ernessa T. Carter said...

Wait, Culver City is like my second home, and I've never heard of this place. How do you two always manage to dig up the cutest hotspots?

Jodi Firth said...

The places you visit are soooo fun!! I adore the one-eyed mannequins...and the futuristic punk art. LOVE it all! Thanks for sharing :)


Ernessa - internet and magazines! I haven't lived in SoCal for over 5 years, but I still try to stay connected.

Jodi - thanks! We try to find the fun and interesting spots. It's in our nature - we just love "eye candy"