Monday, July 18, 2011

Occupational Hazards 17

MART 7399

Missy and I spent the past weekend working in downtown Atlanta, attending the huge ATLANTA GIFT SHOW. First stop was our very own company showroom to check out the new displays (like the giant GINGERBREAD HOUSE our Visuals team built from scratch) and to check out some of the new items we had to offer our customers...I took a photos of some items that Missy designed, like these CHRISTMAS MAGNETS stuck on these tin planters, and these frog-shaped resin vases named SIR HOPS-A-LOT:

MART 7400

MART 7403

We walked the many levels of the mart, taking note of what was new and trendy in our industry. Almost all the showrooms at the mart prohibited photography, so I was only able to take photos in some of the lobbies and hallways...we saw this ART INSTALLATION which was supposed to be a statement about consumerism, I think?

MART 7391

MART 7395

MART 7405

MART 7406

MART 7408

MART 7409

MART 7388

MART 7387

MART 7386

MART 7390

MART 7389

In lieu of lunch, we headed into the GOURMET section of the mart to graze on the free samples of food being offered up by various exhibitors. The most popular booth was the one for BELLAGIO CHOCOLATES...people flocked to their machines which dispensed piping hot, euro-style SIPPING CHOCOLATE...we sampled the dark chocolate and white chocolate varieties, which were as rich as they were tasty...mmmmmmmmmmmmm:

MART 7412

MART 7410

MART 7411

Besides handing out free food, other showrooms tried to draw crowds with other gimmicks and give-aways...this company had a lady making GLASS BEADS outside of their showroom:

MART 7392

MART 7393

MART 7394

After a long day of walking the mart, we headed back to our hotel. Missy took a nap on the couch - legs elevated, to relieve the swelling in her feet - while I channel surfed:

MART 7413

MART 7415

MART 7419

(the view outside our hotel room window)

MART 7418

MART 7417

MART 7421

MART 7422

MART 7425

MART 7426

MART 7427

MART 7434

After the short nap, we dragged ourselves to the nearby IKEA in spite of our achy feet. We loaded up in the IKEA cafeteria for dinner and then spent the remainder of the evening shopping and being ridiculous...

MART 7429

MART 7430

MART 7431


Erin [LUXE + lace] said...

Pretty sure that Sir-Hops-a-Lot will always be my favorite character; not just my fav froggie.

Missy said...

Each time I see that name it makes me laugh. :)