Friday, July 29, 2011

Charlie Brown Cafe, Hong Kong

CHINA 4019

So, I thought it would be cool to follow up the VINTAGE PEANUTS POST by sharing some photos I took last year at the CHARLIE BROWN CAFE in HONG KONG, during a work trip to China (I never did finish blogging about my trip to China). While Missy was at home overseeing the construction of our new roof last October, I was off in China visiting factories and showrooms, but not before we were given a day off to explore Hong Kong. I had heard from a friend about the Charlie Brown Cafe, so I was stoked to serendipitously stumble across it...

CHINA 4017

CHINA 4018

CHINA 4021

CHINA 4020

CHINA 4022

The stairway up to the cafe had all these DIORAMAS built into the walls:

CHINA 4023

CHINA 4024

CHINA 4026

CHINA 4038

CHINA 4034

CHINA 4037

The menu was mostly geared towards little kids, with coffee drinks and snack cakes for the adults...

CHINA 4028

CHINA 4029

CHINA 4031

CHINA 4032

CHINA 4036

Across the street from the Charlie Brown Cafe was this cool little mini-mall with all these shops stocked to the brim with all kinds of weird coolness...

CHINA 4040

CHINA 4041

CHINA 4042

CHINA 4044

CHINA 4045

CHINA 4046

On the way back to the hotel we saw this giant TEA PARTY DISPLAY outside another mall (there are A LOT of malls in Hong Kong)...

CHINA 4050

CHINA 4051

CHINA 4053

CHINA 4057

CHINA 4056

Back in my hotel room that night, I took inventory of all the SOUVENIRS I picked up for myself and for my friends and family...

CHINA 4063

CHINA 4064

CHINA 4065

CHINA 4067

CHINA 4068

CHINA 4066


Anonymous said...

hello. by any chance, do you remember seeing the hotel right in front of charlie brown cafe? thats where i stayed but i totally forgot the hotel name. i only remember CB cafe 'cos thats where i went everytime to get my coffe.
Do you know the name of that hotel right across the cafe?


Unfortunately, I don't remember what was across the street from the Charlie Brown Cafe other than a little mall that was down the street a little bit and on the corner. Sorry I couldn't be of any help! Hopefully, you'll remember the name of your hotel eventually...

-R A O U L