Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cute Food - Birdie Cakes

Bird Cake 2

Bird Cake 4

Bird Cake 6
Raoul has been back from a business trip to China, but I am still going through some of the goodies he brought back for me. He gave me this box from the Tokyo airport. He had a layover there.

Bird Cake 9
Open to revel - a mini bird made of cake! With cake inside! Or maybe it is cream! I am not sure cos it is more cakey than creamy!

Bird Cake 10

Bird Cake 12
I know - they are too cute to eat. But so far I had one. I should hurry and have the rest of them. They are nice and not too sweet. So from now on I only eat cute food!


Little Green Doll said...

Wonderful!! it's a pity to eat them! :)

Missy said...

I know! So far we only ate one! :)